By on 24/03/2014

We think we have the friendliest plumbers in Birmingham. They are not just technical experts in plumbing and drainage – they are an interesting group too. In this blog series, we introduce to you the men behind the blue overalls!

Next up is our experienced plumbing technician: Mr Dave Thomas!

Q: What's playing in your van right now?

A: FreeRadio (BRMB or Birmingham Broadcasting in old money!)

Q: What is your favourite food or meal?

A: I love seafood, especially if I’m on the coast. (Obviously Birmingham is the ideal place to live then!) 

Q: How long have you been working at Drain Doctor Birmingham?

A: Too long! (laughs) 7 or 8 years.

Q: What is the most challenging work you have done at Drain Doctor Birmingham?

A: Working with the operations manager, Chris Nelson. 

Q: Any hidden talents?

A: None – all on show

Q: Your one item to take on a desert island?

A: Drain Doctor Birmingham’s sweetie box (he wouldn’t do that to us… would he?!)

Q: Best advice anyone has given you?

A: Keep calm and carry on plumbing!!

Q: Nicknames?

A: Thomo

Q: Most famous person you have met?

A: Mr Winky (Drain Doctor's very own poster boy!)

Q: Where do you enjoy spending time locally?

A: You might find me in B and Q – anywhere spending petty cash!!  

Q: What did you spend your last £5 on?

A: A Zinger tower burger!

Staying calm as he fixes blocked drains and plumbing emergencies in Birmingham, Worcester and beyond: Dave Thomas is a quality, experienced plumber with a sweet tooth!