By on 01/05/2017

It was just over a year ago when the demolition of Stafford Tower at Aston University was publicised on the news, where vast amounts of planning took place to carefully demolish a tower that stood only 6m away from the nearest building.
Built in 1970, Stafford Tower was home to many students at Aston Univeristy for over 4 decades and last year it made way for a 5 acre park to be put in place.

Pictured left shows Stafford Tower being demolished by Birmingham based demolition company, DSM Demolition. Once the building had been demolished and the site cleared of the rubble and debris DSM ask for a post demolition CCTV survey of the underground drains. 
Who better equipped and located to carry out these works than Drain Doctor Birmingham?! We duly went about our task of surveying the underground drains in the vicinity of where the tower fell just over a year ago. As you can imagine the force at which the building explodes and then hits the ground can sometimes cause movement underground therefore it is common place to check the underground drainage system with our CCTV equipment. As the drains are still "live" and being used, the importance of ascertaining the structural and service condition of these sewers is vital. All the drains we surveyed at this particular site were in good condition, probably because they were all very deep in the ground!

We continue to carry out CCTV surveys day in day out and our equipment we use is invaluable. Drain Doctor Birmingham make sure that all their technicians have the right tools for the job and, just as important, know how to use them. When we callout to unblock a drain, we always put the CCTV equipment down the drain afterwards just to make sure that there are no further problems or reasons why the drain blocked up. If there is a problem with the drain then we are able to advise on the best course of action and how to fix it