By on 18/02/2015

Another productive week at Drain Doctor in Birmingham has yielded some more interesting jobs for us. We managed to complete a large ongoing CCTV survey that was being held up due to a few key factors, one being a buried manhole. In this instance we used drain tracing equipment in the form of CAT (cable avoidance tool) and sonde to pin point where the next accessible manhole was situated.
The sonde was attached to the rear of the drain camera head allowing us to track what we were seeing underground, then, once the camera was in the manhole we were able to locate the drain and acquire some much needed help from our friend Farmer Joe who made light work of exposing said manhole and drain. The job's a good'un!

Among the excitement of us striking gold in the form of a manhole, we managed to work our way through the usual reactive callouts and emergencies that we experience on a day to day basis. It is not just drains that we have great knowledge of at Drain Doctor Birmingham, we also have qualified plumbers that are able to diagnose and quickly fix those annoying leaks in bathrooms, on the toilet cisterns or wherever they may be. We have always got someone that can help you with whatever plumbing or drainage problem you have in the Birmingham, Worcester and West Midlands area. Just call us out and we can get to you usually within the hour - we are a genuine 24-7-365 business.