By on 12/10/2014

Gas mains are being installed every day of the week in the UK and it is no surprise that they can cause some problems to other services! But have no fear...with Drain Doctor Birmingham around repairs to drain pipes are second nature to us! Pictured left is a new gas main pipe that has cracked the top of the 4" clay drain...DISASTER! 

An urgent callout was placed at Drain Doctor Worcester depot for a technician to respond quickly. Within a couple of hours we had responded to the callout for a broken drain and were on site with new parts to replace the defective section. 

As you can see from the picture on the right our repair was completed successfully. A simple repair but had it been left further problems would have been encountered.

On this drain repair to replace a broken pipe we have used underground polyvinyl chloride pipe or uPVC drain pipe. Lightweight and easy to use in situations such as these makes the repair much easier and quicker - minimising time that the drain is out of use. The clay drain has been cut off at a point where the rest of the pipe is intact then we have used 2 QAC4000 flexible couplers which are designed specifically for coupling a clay drain to a plastic drain. Once the plastic pipe is in place the flexible couplers are tightened up and it is fit for service. All in a days work!!