By on 23/08/2014

Our engineers have been working all hours this last week! Night shifts and long days have meant almost reaching an APB! 

We have kept our CCTV drain survey crews very busy with plenty of surveys. A demolition company that use us for their pre and post demo work have been beavering away on a few projects and have asked for our services - and we are only too happy to oblige! 

The picture to the left shows the building that is soon to be demolished which is dwarfing not only our engineer, but also the 30 tonne excavator in the background! A big site that was in need of the drains surveying prior to demolition. The reasons for this vary but in this case it was to determine the drainage inside the site was serving this site alone. If there are any "live" drains running through the site which are currently serving otherproperties then these drains need protecting during the demolition. 

We have many more CCTV drain surveys in the coming weeks and also we will be fitting a pumping station - we will be sure to get some photos for you to see!!