By on 05/06/2014

People across the Midlands fell victim to the persistent downpour yesterday which meant our phones were off the hook!!

The mass of roots (pictured above) were found in a combined sewer and when they are the size of a large dog, there's no way the drain will flow!! 

These roots were so heavy we had to tie rope around the mass and use rods with a pigtail just to lift it! 2 men struggled to lift what would be getting on for 7 years worth of root growth out of the drain yesterday. As soon as the drain was free of this obstruction the surface and foul water erupted through the drain and the site, which houses approximately 15 apartments, was allowed to flow freely once more into the main sewer (pictured below). 

Drain Doctor Birmingham have made a few customers happy with this one visit in Solihull - they won't be experiencing any drain problems in the near future now!!