By on 02/05/2017

It has been another fantastic week for Drain Doctor Birmingham... We have achieved another Annual Personal Best (APB) in the West Midlands South area! 

It was a culmination of many different jobs that lead to this record breaking week but mainly our excavation in Worcester to repair damaged drains was what helped break the previous figure! When the drain is beyond repair and our "no-dig" technology will not fix the problem, it is a case of "get the shovels out lads!!" - and we dig to expose the broken drain and then remove it. We replace the existing drain with new uPVC (plastic) drain which is widely used nowadays and is seen as a good as anything! A lengthy process and a physically exhausting one too...

Another job that was carried out last week to help boost the total was a complete reinstallation of plumbing to a bathroom. We managed to identify several leaks coming from old copper pipes in a customers bathroom in Malvern, we plumbed in new cold water pipes and also new waste pipes. Our plumbers had a lovely view from the property too - looking out onto the Malvern Hills in glorious sunshine!