By on 16/04/2014

When one of our commercial customers asked us to carry out a specialised drain repair because another drainage contractor said they could not do it, we jumped at the chance!

The picture illustrates our "dry run" or mock up. We decided that in order for this repair to be successful we would have to see if it was possible first by replicating the drain layout... 

...enter scaffold tower, 450mm risers, 100mm drain pipe with two 90 and two 45 degree bends, some superflex liner, and a big blue air invertor!! 

The practice went well and we gave our customer the green light to say it could be done.

At a well known sporting centre we started the job as we always do - lots of preparation and checking of our equipment! We air inverted the superflex liner (which we impregnated with epoxy resin, catalyst, and accelerant) through the drain and around the 4 tight bends - 2 and half hours later the exothermic chemical reaction had occurred and the new piece of liner had covered the defect! Our CCTV drain inspection showed the liner had cured perfectly! Job done!!

We pride ourselves on our ability to cope with ever-changing environments - it may sound like a relatively straight forward task for those of you who are proficient in drain reparations, but unseen challenges occur daily for our engineers and it always pleasing to see them overcome by any means necessary - when our customers are in need they can always count on us to get the job done.