By on 17/07/2017

Blocked drain caused by drainage rods..

Have you ever had a blocked drain and attempted to unblock it yourself? We often have calls where people have tried to unblock their drain only for their drain rods to get stuck! 

It is not always as simple as screwing the drain rods together and having a "prod"... It can be a lot trickier than that. Firstly you never know what could be causing your drain to block up therefore you do not know what you are "prodding", it could be a number of things such as tree roots, non biodegradable products, a collapsed drain, or, even another service like gas or water (it has happened before now).

The truth is, unless you have x-ray vision (you're very lucky if you do), I suggest you contact Drain Doctor Birmingham and arrange to get an expert on the job!

Here is a video of how to remove some drain rods that caused a blocked drain in Worcester...