By on 23/04/2017

The history of plumbing dates back to when the ancient Greeks and Romans ruled the known world – as early as 2700BC!! Their obsession with public Bath Houses was the start of modern plumbing as we know it where giant networks of clean water were delivered to the cities using large brick built aqueducts. Nowadays all water flows in a subterranean network of pipes making it difficult to maintain when anything goes wrong – back then, these large aqueducts would be above ground transporting the clean water into the urban areas where they would be easily maintained. However, the waste water would also be transported over ground! I think we can be thankful for our modern underground sewage systems! 

Latrines - Roman communal toilets

The modern toilet also derived from ancient times – public latrines (as they were called) were often a place where people would converse, oddly enough. In fact, there are reports Claudius (an ancient Emperor) used to conduct public business on his royal “throne”. 

We have come a long way since those days where poor sanitation such as bacteria and the transport of diseases through water were not known.. And when the changing of water in public Bath Houses once a day was seen as ample – I doubt this would meet sanitary requirements this day and age... We can be thankful for advancements in plumbing technology and overall modern world improvements such as efficiency and cleanliness.