By on 03/02/2014

If you know what to watch out for, blocked drains can be prevented – read on and save yourself the hassle of a blocked drain!

Have you ever had the trouble of a blocked drain? It can be a messy and difficult job to fix. Here are five of the most common causes of blocked drains that our team of professional plumbers in Birmingham and the South Midlands encounter: 

Grease and Fat

Remember this: “Bin it, don’t block it”. Grease and fat congeals in your drains and can cause major blockages. Take a look at this video on the BBC website, a 15-tonne “fatberg” in the sewers of London! Believe us when we say that fat causes blocked drains in Birmingham, Solihull, Redditch, Worcester, Kidderminster and Bromsgrove too!

Tree Roots

Surprised to see this on the list? Blocked drains are very often caused by immensely strong tree roots breaking through a pipe and obstructing the flow of waste. A blocked drain is the least of your problems in this instance. That pipe will need repairing too. 

What can be done? CCTV is the key. A survey of your drains will notice any ingrowing roots and these can be chopped with our Hydraulic root cutter. Damage to the pipes? Our trained plumbers will reline your pipes. 

Foreign Objects

What do we mean by “Foreign Objects”? Anything, including fat and grease as discussed earlier, that doesn't belong in a drain is a foreign object. Drains are designed to transport certain types of waste and NOT nappies or sanitary towels. Rubbish belongs in the bin, not your toilet. 

The children of Birmingham and Worcester, love-able they may be, are often the culprits for blocked toilets. Our professional team of plumbers have fixed blocked toilets and drains in the South Midlands caused by a full roll of toilet paper, a toy and even a toilet brush! Bless, he was only trying to help.


Not all of the Drain Doctor Team is blessed with long locks – those of you who are, consider the impact a build-up of hair in your pipes could have. Blocked drains are so often caused by avoidable issues – this is another one. A simple trap device to catch hair is one solution. We are only too happy to visit customers in our Birmingham and South Midlands territory to sort a blocked drain. But take it from us (we should whisper this)… if you take easy, preventative action you won’t be calling Drain Doctor so often.



Perhaps the least surprising of all. The autumn months can see our team of plumbers attend blocked drains from Birmingham to Worcester to clear a build-up of leaves. Raking those leaves up could save you a lot of hassle.