By on 14/03/2017

Drain Doctor Birmingham plumbers are trained and qualified to work in confined spaces. It is very important that they are too, in fact, it's a legal requirement of the Confined Space Regulations 1997. So why is it necessary to be specially trained to work in sewer drains?

The first thought that people have when they imagine working in a sewer is the smell! It's easy to understand why and, yes, it does smell down there. But this isn't the reason behind the legal requirement for UK plumbers to have special training. It is actually a very dangerous place to work.  

It is vital that anyone entering a sewage drain has the appropriate equipment and are not alone. Drain Doctor Birmingham's team are fully equipped and able to take precautions from working in dangerous levels of methane and carbon monoxide. These two gases pose a risk of suffocation and explosions and are just one of the risk assessments the team carry out when assessing a blocked sewage drain in Birmingham.

It's dirty work, but plumbing and drainage work that Drain Doctor Birmingham are qualified to take on!