By on 21/03/2014

Why would we say such a thing? Clearing blocked drains is what we do. 

Well, we also believe that prevention is better than cure. So often drains are blocked by a foreseeable problem - we blogged (see Tips and Advice) about this earlier in the year. Fat is a great example of a foreseeable problem.  

Our Grease Management service avoids your drains becoming blocked by a build up of fat. All thanks to the piece of equipment pictured (right). 

This can affect all our customers, but those with a commercial kitchen: they really need our help. We have many clients in the hospitality industry: bars, hotels, restaurants in Birmingham, Worcester and across the South Midlands.

Our Grease Management service is ideal for those customers who can't afford the complications of a blocked drain. It could cost them money as well as be an inconvenience.  

We are proud to provide a Grease Management service to some of the biggest names in the hospitality industry including national pub chain J D Wetherspoon. By installing a grease management system, not only are our clients preventing future blockages, they also reduce the amount of water they waste. This saves them money on their water bills.

Finally, anyone who has worked in a commercial kitchen will tell you - fat stinks! So our service also includes the responsible disposal of the fat collected. A nasty job you don't have to worry about.

Avoid blocked drains, a nasty job and save money in the process. Interested? Call Drain Doctor today and see how we can help.