By on 10/03/2017

Often when you’re faced with a complex situation it is your gut feeling that you usually go with, right? Well this certainly was the case for one of our Drain Doctor Technician’s recently…
Andy, one of our experienced plumbers, attended a domestic household where the customer had a blocked toilet, something he faces week in week out.
He arrived at the customer’s house and greeted them and began to discuss the issues they were having and headed to the bathroom to investigate. Not being able to identify the cause of the blockage at first glance but knowing that water was filling up in the toilet, he chose to try and relieve the blockage with a HydroRam (A Hydraulic Ram which creates a vacuum at the pump inlet which allows atmospheric pressure to force liquid from the reservoir into the inlet line to the pump) but had no luck.
Where someone with less experience and enthusiasm would dismiss the issue and ask the customer to call a drainage technician. Andy’s mind took him back to many various jobs where he had encountered this problem before and his gut told him there was a rim block cage lodged somewhere in the pipework.
Andy spoke with the customer and asked if they had used a rim block cage in the past. The customer then explained to Andy that they did have one on the toilet but the couple both thought that the other had removed the cage as it was empty.
Once his observation has become clear he returned back to the bathroom determined to resolve the problem. He removed the pan from the floor and away from the wall and as he expected, he found a rim block cage! Andy re-fitted the toilet and cleaned up any mess and visited the couple downstairs with the culprit in hand (glove on hand!). Relieved and very thank full they wished Andy a great weekend and said they had become “customers for life.”