By on 23/03/2016

We don't just repair drains at Drain Doctor Plumbing. We also carry out lots of water main installations and repairs, in fact, very recently we had a job where a large set of tree roots were growing around an old alkathene water main underground and caused it to split. Water was rising to the surface and flooding a customers front lawn!
The best plumbers in the Midlands responded within the hour to firstly locate the leak and then secondly, to ascertain how best to fix the problem.
Once we identified the location of the leak we began excavating a small hole and found some tree roots wrapped around the pipe which had caused the damage.
We carried out a small repair but saved a customer's front lawn from being a swamp and a nasty water bill!
We have experienced technicians working here at Drain Doctor Birmingham who are able to resolve what may seem like a nightmare to a customer and turn it into a run of the mill job with little disruption.