By on 06/06/2017

For over 30 years in the water industry trenchless technology 
has been around as a means of repairing pipelines. A lot of companies have the 
capacity to carry out these types of repair, including ourselves at Drain Doctor 

Depending on the severity of the damaged drain there may be no 
need for a large excavation to remove existing pipes, instead we install a new 
drain through the existing one with an ambient cured in place pipe (CIPP) liner which is inflated through using compressed air. This method of repair is more cost effective and causes less disruption than excavating; it is certainly favourable with our customers.
From this picture on the left you can see one of our typical set ups whilst carrying out a drain reline. Air compressor, air inverter and CCTV inspection equipment.

We have previously brought to light in this blog that we come 
across lots of pitch fibre drains when we unblock drains. Now, more so than 
ever, pitch fibre drains are failing all over the country and it is no 
coincidence as this material was very popular in the 1960's and 70's. In a lot 
of instances, these drains are coming to the end of their lives as a result of 
external pressures and blisters formed from prolonged contact with water and 
root ingress. Trenchless technology solutions can be used to repair pitch fibre 
pipes, from re-rounding the pipe to installing a cured in place pipe liner, the 
technology is there!