By on 15/07/2017

Pitch fibre drain pipes are common all over the country however they are notorious for becoming deformed and misshapen! Over time heavy loads over ground cause drain pipes to become defective; cracks will occur, deformation and also collapsed sewers in worst cases. Pitch fibre pipes were commonly used and installed between the 1950's and 70's as a cheap alternative to their clay counterpart. Also, during this period (post World War II) materials were at a premium and hard to come by as the country was in a rebuilding stage, therefore, pitch fibre was an ideal choice of material to use. Most have now reached their life span and repair or replacement with new products is necessary.

The usual perfect round opening of a drain will, over time, in many cases, become more egg or bean shaped caused by many factors as previously mentioned. You can see from the photo on the left that this pitch fibre pipe which has been removed from underground was well on the way to completely folding in on itself which would have caused the property owners a problem! 

Fortunately Drain Doctor Birmingham are on hand to repair these pitch fibre pipes and replace them with underground polyvinyl chloride (U-PVC/plastic) drain pipes (pictured right). U-PVC drains are much more robust than pitch fibre and easy to install. In this particular instance replacing the pitch fibre is the only option as no-dig technology would not fix this problem when the deformation is that great.

There are pitch fibre pipes all across the country that are yet to cause home owners and businesses problems, but if and when they do, you can rely on Drain Doctor to come and fix them for you!