By on 23/07/2017


Every week is different for us here at Drain Doctor Birmingham! The variety of differing challenges in this business certainly maintains interesting day to day activities; a call raised could lead us to some of the most built up, populated areas in the country - a burst pipe in Birmingham City Centre, or a blocked drain in Malvern could lead us somewhere more rural. The truth of the matter is that we never know where our next job is going to be and we love it!


Pictured below is some of our handy work that was carried out last week by our oldest and wisest - our Operations Manager! This small open excavation required our immediate attention. Out comes the defective sections of drain (pitch fibre drains - last weeks article??) and the excavation is cleared ready for new drainage to be installed. Before the new drain goes in, we find it important to inspect the structural condition of the rest of the drain. In goes the CCTV drainage camera and a quick "look-see" survey is carried out which shows the rest of the drain is a in a sound condition. The repairs are made and it is ready for backfilling!


During last weeks work there were plenty of jobs that kept us busy! Of note, a customer in Kidderminster had an uncontrollable leak from their incoming water main near to their stop cock under the kitchen sink which was causing flooding to the downstairs. We duly responded and got there in less than an hour to isolate the water from the boundary box outside to make safe! We made a repair on the defective section of pipe and put the water back on to test. We also cleaned up the flood water from the kitchen with a wet vac and left the kitchen in a much better state than when we arrived! The customer was, to say the least, relieved and extremely happy with our service.