By on 01/06/2014

This photo shows how roots can damage your underground drains!

In clay drains, the sections of pipe butt up against one another and sometimes little gaps evident - these gaps allow for fine roots from surrounding trees, bushes, hedges, etc., to grow into the drain. The roots are attracted to the water in the drains and as people shower, wash, use the toilet, and all manner of other day to day necessities, the roots will have a constant supply of water encouraging them to grow towards the water supply.

The water supply will cause the Roots in the drain to grow bigger and stronger eventually cracking the clay pipes causing serious damage.

We at Drain Doctor Birmingham can help!! If you find yourself in a situation where you have root ingress, we can, in a lot of cases, repair the drain without the need to excavate and cause disruption.... We will reline the drain for you! More about drain relining in our ne