By on 12/07/2017

Inspired by last week’s record breaking effort, we thought we would share details of the valuable work Drain Doctor Birmingham’s plumbers do each week for customers based in Birmingham and the wider South Midlands area. 

So, to kick off the series of “Working Week” blog posts, we start with a record breaker! A few of the jobs in a very busy Working Week 1 were:

Excavation and replacement of drainage system

Following a call from one of our commercial clients to report flooding at their industrial site, our team conducted a CCTV inspection of the drainage system. This was only possible after first clearing the blocked drain using a high powered water jetter.

With the drain cleared of blockages, we were able to use our clever CCTV cameras to take a look at the condition of the drain pipes. What was revealed, were collapsed and fractured pipes in several places. The damage was so severe, the only option available to the Drain Doctor Birmingham team was to excavate the damaged pipes and install replacements: a big job! Work that requires a team of plumbers who have the experience and know-how to get it done properly.  

CCTV and patch lining pipe repairs

On the flip-side, it is not always necessary to excavate damaged pipes. At another of our commercial clients, a large CCTV survey of the drains revealed damage that could be fixed by patch lining repairs. We always work in a way that will cause minimum disruption and cost to our customers, whilst ensuring their drainage system works effectively. 

Repairs of a pumping station

Repairs were made to the pumping station's control panel and we also installed new floats and pumps. After Drain Doctor Birmingham's visit, the station was back to performing its job of pumping foul waste water away from the site!

You can see further examples of our expertise on Our Services page.