By Mike on 25/10/2017

Autumn is a busy time of year for Drainage companies believe it or not! We see an increase in callouts for blockages at domestic and commercial premises around this time of year with the first sign of a blocked drain being flooding or localised pooling on driveways or carparks.

It is seasonal! Just as cold water pipes begin to freeze in the Winter, the leaves will fall in the Autumn and find their way into drains and cause them to block up! Our advice would be to have a sweep around your house getting rid of all the leaves and where you know the drains are located, go and water test to see if they are all flowing away adequately.

If have a bigger problem you cannot resolve then Drain Doctor in Worcestershire and Birmingham are on hand to respond to your blocked drain emergencies. Typically responding in 1 to 2 hours we have draiange experts that can solve your blocked drain problems whatever time of day it may be... We are 24 / 7 after all and charge no extra for out of hours or weekends attending to jobs FREE of charge! 

If you would like to use our service then get in touch with us!