By on 04/08/2017

There has been a rise in the amount of water main repairs recently which has got us talking at Drain Doctor Birmingham... Do you know where the responsibility of your water main serving your property starts and finishes?
Water pipe leak
It is quite simple really, the supply pipe that falls inside a property boundary is the responsibility of the homeowner. The local water board have a responsibility up to the external stop tap or boundary box but the section of pipe after that is the property owners responsibility.
The diagram to the left illustrates a typical house and water main supply to that house.
It is therefore beneficial to ensure pipe's supplying water to your property are protected from potential damage or frost for example. With the colder weather setting in soon there will be plenty of cases of frozen pipes.
pipe insulation
It is important to double check the pipes in the colder parts of the house such as the loft or garage for instance. These pipes sometimes go unnoticed or forgotten and if they are not properly insulated they can freeze in the cold weather casuing problems in your home. The most common frozen pipe we deal with is usually outside or garden taps on external walls. These will freeze very quick in cold weather so it is important to insulate them correctly. Here at Drain Doctor Plumbing, we are able to insulte any exposed water pipes at your home giving you peace of mind over the winter season. Just call us today for a FREE CALLOUT!!