By on 21/01/2016

A Drain Doctor Birmingham CCTV Survey shed some much needed light in a dispute between a large Housing Company and a claimant.
We always stress the importance of having drain surveys when purchasing a property..... even if it is a new build!

We were recently contacted by a third party company to investigate the underground drains at a relatively new property (10 years old) to assess the current condition of the foul drains and surface water drains on the property. We were not expecting to find the drains is the state they were.

There are 2 main foul drain runs serving all the toilets, bathrooms and sinks at the property which are underneath the house. We used our CCTV equipment to inspect the condition and found the drain was blocked underneath the building. We discovered that the drain under the footings of the building and underneath the floor has sunk causing repeated blocked drains for the owners. Due to movement on the property or poor backfill under the house (one for ground workers to determine) the drains have settled in the ground and have what we call, a negative fall gradient, which renders the gravity drains ineffective. Not an easy problem to fix I assure you and it is something that the Housing Company may be responsible for rectifying.

If you have any worries or fears about the drains around your property then we can put your mind at rest with our selection of CCTV drain surveys we offer.